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Demostración básica
Just For Kicks
Video by Rob van den Berg
Zrythm + BJumblr jam
Video by unfa


Piano roll

Piano roll

Create, edit and arrange MIDI events in a dedicated piano roll.

Anywhere-to-anywhere connections

Conecta lo que sea a lo que sea

Anywhere-to-anywhere connections
Brinca en el lugar

Bounce in-place

Quickly bounce selected material to audio.

Curvas de automatización

Automatiza parámetros con lineas rectas o curvas.

Curvas de automatización


unfa livestream: Synthesizing snare drums with Geonkick
I was suprised how optimized Zrythm is for what I wanted to do
Article from Issue 229/2019 of Linux Magazine
it is one of the best ways of composing music and exporting the audio files on Linux
Phoronix news: Zrythm approaching beta as an easy-to-use, open-source digital audio workstation
Zrythm continues advancing as another promising open-source digital audio workstation