Zrythm - Trademark Policy
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Trademark Policy

Applicable Trademarks

Zrythm is a registered trademark of Alexandros Theodotou in the United Kingdom. The Zrythm logo is a trademark of Alexandros Theodotou pending registration.

Objective of this Policy

The objective of this trademark policy is:

  • to encourage widespread use and adoption of the Zrythm trademarks
  • to clarify proper usage of Zrythm trademarks by third parties
  • to prevent misuse of Zrythm trademarks that can confuse or mislead users with respect to Zrythm

Following are the guidelines for the proper use of Zrythm trademarks by publishers and other third parties. Any use of or reference to Zrythm trademarks that is inconsistent with these guidelines, or other unauthorized use of or reference to Zrythm trademarks, or use of marks that are confusingly similar to Zrythm trademarks, is prohibited and may violate the trademark rights of Alexandros Theodotou.

Any use of Zrythm trademarks in a misleading and false manner, such as untruthful advertising, is always prohibited.

Usage Guidelines

This Trademark Policy explicitly affirms your nominative fair use rights under trademark law, including to:

  • Use the Zrythm wordmark in text to truthfully refer to and/or link to unmodified programs, products, services and technologies by Alexandros Theodotou.
  • Use the Zrythm logo in visuals to truthfully refer to and/or to link to the applicable unmodified programs, products, services and technologies by Alexandros Theodotou.
  • Use Zrythm trademarks to make true factual statements about Zrythm or communicate compatibility with your product truthfully.

The following are explicitly forbidden:

  • Use of the Zrythm wordmark as part of a company name or logo, a product name or logo, or branding.
  • Use of the Zrythm logo as part of a company logo or organization logo or product logo or branding.
  • Use of the Zrythm wordmark as part of an acronym.
  • Use of Zrythm trademarks in any way that suggests an affiliation with or endorsement by the Zrythm project or community, if that is not the case.

All other uses of a Zrythm trademark require our prior written permission. Contact trademarks@zrythm.org for more information.

Software Distribution Policy

You may distribute unaltered copies of Zrythm that include the Zrythm trademarks without express permission from Alexandros Theodotou.

You may further distribute altered copies of Zrythm that include the Zrythm trademarks, provided that alterations solely serve the purposes of:

In any case, you may not add or remove functionalities and you must preserve all messages presented to users in the user interface and the command line, including but not limited to:

  • URLs pointing to official Zrythm web pages
  • informational messages (popups, console output, etc.)

You must also provide a link to the original source code as published by Alexandros Theodotou at https://www.zrythm.org/releases/.

Requirement of Written Permission for Modified Versions Including Trademarks

Zrythm is free software, and its license allows you to freely download, modify and redistribute the source code. However, if you make any changes to Zrythm not explicitly allowed above, you may not redistribute that product using any Zrythm trademark without Alexandros Theodotou’s prior written consent. For example, you may not distribute a modified form of Zrythm and continue to call it Zrythm, or include the Zrythm logo. If you wish to distribute a modified version of Zrythm that includes the Zrythm trademarks please contact us with your request at trademarks@zrythm.org.

Newer Versions of this Policy

This policy may be revised from time to time. The file TRADEMARKS.md in the source code releases will always contain the current policy at the time of each release.