Intuitive Editing

Flexible Select Tool

Select, move, resize, clone, link, loop, delete and cut objects with a single tool.

Extensive Toolbox

Extend select tool functionality by switching to the Edit, Cut, Erase, Ramp or Audition tools.

Adaptive Snapping

Snapping behavior adjusts to the current zoom level.


Loop audio, MIDI, automation and chord clips.

Featureful Timeline

Track Lanes

Add multiple layers of audio/MIDI to the same track using track lanes.

Bounce in Place

Quickly bounce selected material to audio.


Stretch any type of region

Powerful Editors

Piano Roll

Create, edit and arrange MIDI events in a dedicated piano roll with chord integration.

Drum View

One-click switch to drum view for editing single-hit instruments.

Velocity Editor

Edit multiple velocities simultaneously with the select tool or draw with the pencil or ramp tool.

Audio Editor

Adjust fades/gain and edit parts of audio clips using audio functions inside the audio editor.

List Editors

Edit object parameters manually in the event viewer.

Editor Functions

Quickly apply functions like Legato, Invert and Fade Out to the selected objects.

External App Integration

Edit selected audio parts in any external app.

Recording Capabilities

Audio/MIDI Recording

Record audio/MIDI from any of your devices, or even from other apps using JACK.

Comprehensive Recording Settings

Use punch in/punch out, record on MIDI input, and optionally create multiple takes.

Automation Recording

Record automation in latch/touch mode.

Device Controls

Bind your device knobs to controls inside Zrythm and record your actions.

Mixing Capabilities

Group Tracks

Organize audio/MIDI signal groups with group tracks.

Aux Sends

Easily route signals to FX tracks and plugin sidechain inputs.

In-Context Listening

Listen to specified tracks in the context of the mix by dimming down every other track.

Monitor Section

Change listen/mute/solo behavior and adjust what goes to your speakers.

Unlimited Automation

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Connections

Connect anything to anything.

Automation Curves

Automate parameters with straight lines or curves, choosing from multiple curve algorithms, such as Exponential and Elliptic curves.


Automate parameters with CV signals or envelopes, including macro knobs and LFO plugins such as ZLFO.

Automate Anything

Automate any possible parameter, including the project's BPM and time signature.

Intuitive User Interface

Detachable Views

Detach views from any panel and work efficiently with multi-monitor setups.

Searchable Preferences

Start typing to locate the preference you're looking for.

Inspector Pages

Edit all track and plugin parameters in the inspector.

Plugin Capabilities

Plugin Support

Thanks to Carla, Zrythm supports a variety of plugin formats including LV2, VST2, VST3, AU, CLAP and JSFX.

SoundFonts as Plugins

Use SFZ and SF2 soundfonts as instrument plugins.

Flexible Plugin Browser

Easily filter plugins by author, format or category, and organize your favorite plugins with plugin collections.

Plugin Bridging

Sandbox plugins by opening them in bridge mode.

Automatable Bypass Mode

Easily bypass plugins in the signal chain with an automatable control.

Comprehensive Import/Export

File Browser

Browse and audition MIDI and audio files, and organize your favorite paths with favorites.

Audio Files

Import or export any format supported by libsndfile, with additional MP3 import support.


Import or export any part of the project in MIDI Type 0 or Type 1 formats.

Stem Export

Export stems for specific tracks and share them with other producers.

Chord Assistance

Chord Audition

Quickly listen to chords by clicking the pads or pressing notes on your MIDI keyboard, and drag-and-drop chords to the timeline.

Chord Editing

Invert chords with a single click or use the chord selector to choose any chord, with an option to filter chords in the current scale.

Recordable Chord Track

Dictate or record the scale and chord progression of the project, and optionally route the output to an instrument.

Chord Presets

Generate chords from a wide range of scales, load included chord presets for various genres, or save your own.

Never Lose Work

Project Backups

Backups taken automatically at user-specified intervals.

Undoable Actions

Almost every user action is undoable.

Serializable Undo History

Keep your undo history when saving projects.

Optimized Performance

Hardware accelerated UI

Most of the user interface is drawn on the GPU thanks to GTK4.

SIMD-optimized DSP

Zrythm uses lsp-dsp-lib which implements SIMD extensions such as SSE, AVX and FMA when available to speed up audio processing and minimize DSP usage.

Extensive Caching

Expensive computations are pre-calculated to save processing time.

Cross-Platform Support

Multiple Platforms

Zrythm is designed to run on a wide variety of platforms and architectures including x86 architectures, PowerPC, RISC-V, ARMv7 and ARMv8.

Multiple Backends

Support for almost all major audio and MIDI backends, including JACK/PipeWire, Windows MME, WASAPI and Core Audio/MIDI.


Localized UI

Use Zrythm in your preferred language.

Easily Add Translations

Add missing translations and locales on Weblate.

User Freedom

Free Software

All source code is released as copyleft free software.

Open Standards

Zrythm supports open standards such as MIDI, LV2, FLAC and OGG.


We work with the free software community to ensure Zrythm builds and runs without issues on all platforms.