Zrythm은 기능이 풍부하고 사용하기 쉽도록 고도로 자동화 된 DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)입니다.

In the usual Composing -> Mixing -> Mastering workflow, Zrythm puts the most focus on the Composing part. It allows musicians to quickly lay down and process their musical ideas without taking too much time for unnecessary work.

Zrythm은 GPLv3 +로 라이센스 된 무료 소프트웨어 입니다.

가입하고 지원하십시오!

For more installation options see the manual

고도로 자동화되고 직관적 인 DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

자동화 됨

Built-in LFOs and envelopes for automating controls, automation curves for more detailed automation, clips to loop your MIDI notes/audio and more.


Zrythm은 인터페이스를 깨끗하고 쾌적하게 유지하려고 노력하며 직관적 인 작업 방식으로 더 빠른 워크 플로우를 가능하게합니다.


Automation Curves, Busses, drag and drop LV2 Plugins and Audio files, Arranger Minimap, etc.

특징 설명

무한 자동화

내장 된 봉투 및 자동화 커브로 거의 모든 것을 자동화하십시오.

Built-in Modulators

Modulate plugin controls using built-in LFOs, envelopes and other modulators in the modulators tab.

Chord Assistance

A chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord track to help with chord progressions.

LV2 플러그인

Works with LV2, a free standard for audio plugins.

Speaks Your Language

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many more languages.


Works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS, including PCs, laptops and tablets.


Zrythm version 0.6.003 has been released!

posted by Alexandros Theodotou on 2019-08-13

Release Notes:

- Plugin latency compensation during playback
- Chords and automation are now inside regions (can be looped)
- Refactor editor panel to share 4 different editors
- New chord editor
- New automation editor
- Change meter font and install it properly (should fix missing font in previous versions)
- Added some post-install commands to make sure Zrythm is installed properly
- Add region split functionality (WIP)
- Add quick quantize/full quantize functionality (regions only for now)
- Add metronome
- Update Chinese, German, French, Japanese translations
- Fader is now a separate processor in the signal chain
- Fix browser resize handle position no...

Zrythm version 0.5.162 has been released!

posted by Alexandros Theodotou on 2019-07-14

Release notes:

- IMPORTANT: License change from GPLv3+ to AGPLv3+
- Add cut-clip tool (WIP)
- Add Norwegian in language selection
- Update German translations
- Update Norwegian translations
- Update Japanese translations
- Allow undoable individual MIDI velocity changes
- Add undoable MIDI velocity ramp feature
- Fix some undo/redo bugs
- Refactor of arranger objects
- Fix basic saving/loading of projects
- Fix duplicate projects getting displayed in the project list in some situations
- Refactor automation tracks

Zrythm version 0.5.120 has been released!

posted by Alexandros Theodotou on 2019-06-29

Release notes:

- Change appearance of meters (added captions, made the text smaller)
- Change appearance of DSP/CPU meter (used icons insted of text)
- Allow undoable moving of arranger objects using the selection info bar
- German translations thanks to Waui (Weblate)
- Change appearance of plugin browser (using toggles instead of expanders)
- Add MIDI in activity bar in the top toolbar
- Allow filtering by plugin type (instrument/effect/modulator/midi effect) in the plugin browser
- Norwegian Bokmal translations thanks to kingu (Weblate)
- Remember plugin browser selections on each run

Release schedule

posted by Alexandros Theodotou on 2019-02-19

An introduction to the project

Zrythm started development in July 2018 and has only recently started to become slightly usable. Here is a list of features that are somewhat implemented (but not necessarily stable/perfected).

Loading plugins

Most LV2 plugins out there at the moment will work fine, with the exception of some plugins written in toolkits incompatible with Gtk. Those plugins will show a generic UI instead. Plugins can be placed in channels and tracks and used like in other DAWs, with a few cases where they might crash. This will be fixed soon.

MIDI note recording/playback

MIDI recording has only recently been implemented and somewhat works but still needs ...

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