Eine stark automatisierte und intuitive Digitale Audio Workstation

Intuitive Bearbeitung

Einfaches Selektieren, Bewegen, Skalieren, Klonen, Linken, Loopen, Löschen und Ausschneiden von Objekten mit einem einzigen Werkzeug, oder Erweitern der Funktionalität mit weiteren Spezial-Werkzeugen, und dabei das adaptive Snappen in jedem Arrangier-Bereich genießen.

Unbegrenzte Automation

Automatisiere so gut wie alles mit Automationsereignissen, die gerade Linien, Rampen, und Kurven benutzen, oder mit LFOs und Hüllkurven.


In-context listening, signal groups, FX tracks, MIDI effect and insert slots, pre and post-fader aux sends and anywhere-to-anywhere routing.


Generate chords from scales in the chord pad, audition and invert chords or save your own chord presets, manage your chord progression in the chord track and enjoy chord highlighting in the piano roll.

Audio Plugins

Support for every major plugin format including LV2, VST2, VST3, AU, CLAP and JSFX, with additional support for SFZ and SF2 soundfonts and sandboxing thanks to Carla.

Featuregeladene Zeitleiste

Organize your work into multiple layers in the same track using track lanes, quickly bounce anything to audio, import/export a wide variety of audio and MIDI formats, stretch or loop any region and select from an array of track types for every purpose.

Verliere niemals Dein Werk

Recover your work with automatic project backups, undo almost any user action and even save your undo history with projects.


Zrythm is copyleft free software with fully auditable source code. Use, study, share and improve it freely.


Just For Kicks ~ Rob van den Berg

Alphatunez ~ MyLoFy

dubZ ~ SahaaThyva

Window Into The Air ~ MyLoFy

ないない (Remake) ~ yukota

Getting There ~ MyLoFy

Power Over People ~ JDFight



"Zrythm is steadily building up towards something really exciting: a modern, flexible, [free as in freedom], Linux-native DAW focused on electronic music production"

livestream: How to compose a track from the ground up using Zrythm

Graham Morrison

"it is one of the best ways of composing music and exporting the audio files on [GNU/Linux]"

Article from Issue 229/2019 of Linux Magazine

Alexandre Prokoudine

"Zrythm makes being a musician on [GNU/Linux] more exciting"

Libre Arts: Looking back at 2021, looking forward at 2022