Zrythm is a highly automated Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) designed to be featureful and intuitive to use. Zrythm sets itself apart from other DAWs by allowing extensive automation via built-in LFOs and envelopes and intuitive MIDI/audio editing and arranging via clips.

In the usual Composing -> Mixing -> Mastering workflow, Zrythm puts the most focus on the Composing part. It allows musicians to quickly lay down and process their musical ideas without taking too much time for unnecessary work.

Zrythm is free software licensed under the GPLv3+.

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Zrythm respects your freedom, but some platforms do not. More info at https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html

An highly automated, intuitive, Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)


Built-in LFOs and envelopes for automating controls, automation curves for more detailed automation, clips to loop your MIDI notes/audio and more.


Zrythm tries to keep the interface clean and pleasant to work with, with intuitive ways of getting work done enabling a faster workflow.


Automation Curves, Busses, drag and drop LV2 Plugins and Audio files, Arranger Minimap, etc.


Limitless Automation

Automate almost anything with automation tracks using straight lines, ramps and curves.

Built-in Modulators

Modulate plugin controls using built-in LFOs, envelopes and other modulators in the modulators tab.

Chord Assistance

A chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord track to help with chord progressions.

LV2 Plugins

Works with LV2, a free standard for audio plugins.

Speaks Your Language

Available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many more languages.


Works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD and MacOS, including PCs, laptops and tablets.


2019-05-04 - Translation Portal Launched!

Translation Portal
Zrythm and all its components are now easily translatable via a simple web interface. All you need to do is make an account there and start translating! If you don't see your language on the list and would like us to include it, shoot us a message.

Happy translating!

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