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Zrythm una postazione di lavoro audio digitale altamente automatizzata e intuitiva


Visione d’insieme

Zrythm è una postazione di lavoro audio digitale progettata per essere ricca di funzionalità e facile da usare.

Logo Automazione illimitata

Automate almost anything with automation events using straight lines, ramps and curves, or with LFOs and envelopes.

Logo LV2 plugins

Full support for LV2, a free and extensible standard for audio plugins.

Logo JACK support

Fully JACK aware, including support for JACK transport.

Logo Chord assistance

Featuring a chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord track to help with chord progressions.

Logo Software libero

Use, study, share and improve freely.

Logo Multilingue

Thanks to contributors, Zrythm is available in English, French, Portuguese, Japanese and German.