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Zrythm a highly automated and intuitive digital audio workstation



Zrythm is a cross-platform digital audio workstation designed to be featureful and easy to use.

Logo Limitless automation

Автоматизируйте практически все с помощью событий автоматизации, используя прямые линии, линейные изменения и изгибы, или с помощью LFO и конвертов

Logo LV2 plugins

Complete support for LV2, a free and extensible standard for audio plugins.

Logo Multi-backend support

Fully JACK aware, including support for JACK transport, ALSA, WASAPI, Windows MME, CoreMidi and CoreAudio.

Logo Chord assistance

Featuring a chord pad for quickly trying out chords in a scale and a chord track to help with chord progressions.

Logo Liberating

Zrythm is free software. Use, study, share and improve it freely.

Logo Multilingual

Thanks to contributors, Zrythm is available in English, French, Portuguese, Japanese and German.

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