Basic Plugins

Compressor screenshot


Stereo dynamic range compressor

Cubic Distortion screenshot

Cubic Distortion

Cubic nonlinearity distortion

Flanger screenshot


Stereo flanging effect

Gate Stereo screenshot

Gate Stereo

Stereo signal gate

Highpass Filter screenshot

Highpass Filter

2nd-order Butterworth highpass filter

Lowpass Filter screenshot

Lowpass Filter

2nd-order Butterworth lowpass filter

Parametric EQ screenshot

Parametric EQ

Parametric equalizer

Peak Limiter screenshot

Peak Limiter

Dynamic range compressor modelled after the 1176 peak limiter

Phaser screenshot


Phasing effect

Triple Synth screenshot

Triple Synth

Polyphonic synthesizer with 3 detuned oscillator voices

Smooth Delay screenshot

Smooth Delay

Delay that doesn't click and doesn't transpose when the delay time is changed

Wah4 screenshot


Wah pedal effect to the 4th order

White Noise screenshot

White Noise

White noise generator

Zita Rev1 screenshot

Zita Rev1

8x8 late-reverberation FDN reverb

Z Series

ZChordz screenshot


ZChordz maps the chords of a minor or major scale to white keys

  • Âm giai trưởng hoặc thứ
  • Velocity multiplier per note
Technical specs
ZLFO screenshot


ZLFO is a fully featured LFO for CV-based automation

  • Multi-oscillator with custom wave
  • Phase shift
  • Vertical/horizontal inversion
  • Step mode
  • Editable range
  • Sync to host or free-form
Technical specs
ZSaw screenshot


ZSaw is a supersaw synth with 1 parameter

  • 7 sawtooth oscillators
  • Single knob to control detune
Technical specs